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More About Acupuncture


Please contact me if you wish to discuss how acupuncture may be helpful to you or just to find out more about this ancient and effective form of medicine. As a traditional acupuncturist I treat people not ailments but you may like to visit the website of the British Acupuncture Council and view their Fact Sheets about research and acupuncture treatment of various conditions.


Some insurance companies will meet fees for acupuncture treatment depending upon policy and its requirements.  

- British Acupuncture Council

- British Acupuncture Council: A-Z of Acupuncture Research Fact Sheets

- Acupuncture Awareness Week campaign videos

- The British Acupuncture Council is accredited by the government’s Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care

- World Health Organisation - Acupuncture

- Acupuncture - Myth or Science? - Youtube video including interview with Susan